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                    (1) The whole machine is composed of pulley, tongue spring seat, tongue block and spindle.
                    (2) Stamping mechanism is composed of crank, connecting rod, straight axis and upper and lower dies.
                    (3) Start-up control mechanism is composed of bumper, gate and tie rod.
                    The pulley sleeve rotates idly on the upper axle, the tongue block seat is fixed on the upper axle, the tongue block is installed in the tongue block seat, and is left and right by the gate plate and the top spring. When the gate plate is pulled down by the pedal plate, the tongue block is released. When the tongue block collides with the pulley, the spindle is driven to rotate by the pulley, and the vertical axle runs up and down through the crank-slider mechanism. The upper die installed at the lower end of the vertical axis is stamped once along the vertical axis, and matched with the lower die installed on the base, stamping the metal buckle and fixing it on the fabric.